Bonaire with Captain Don’s Habitat

Come with Evelyn as we go back to one of our favorite dive spots, Bonaire! The home of diving freedom. Captain Don’s Habitat was one of the very first dive operations that we began diving with back when we started dive travel, over 25 yers ago! Captain Don’s offers boat diving and fantastic shore diving! Bonaire is great dive spot for new divers with very little current and tons to see for the experienced diver and underwater photographer! Read more…

Cave Country Florida Trips

Join Evelyn on one of her excursions to dive the Florida Springs. Every year we do a few trips to the resh water springs of North Florida. We home base around High Springs, Florida. This trip is for divers wanting to learn how to cave dive or seasoned cave divers that want to spend some time scootering and exploring. Some of the springs also have openwater areas where new divers can complete their open water certification. We have various trips planned through out the year! Read More…

Florida Keys Trips

Several times a year we venture to Key Largo to dive with  Ocean Divers in Key Largo to dive the reefs and wrecks of the Upper Keys! This is a great spot to complete your certification dives or just get away for a long weekend and get some quality dives in without breaking the bank. Advanced divers can dive the wreck of the USS Speigel Grove or the USCG cutters Duane & Bibb or you can complete your advanced certification with us to dive them! Its just a quick drive from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to get there! Read more…

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“Traveling with Dudas Diving Duds isn’t just a vacation, it’s an adventure!”
-Michael Baurley, long time diver and traveler with Dudas Diving Duds