Come diving in Cave Country with Evelyn Dudas!

Once things cool down in the fall, Evelyn begins to journey South looking for wamer weather and undewater caves to run her fleet of DPV scooter! Every year we have several trips to North Florida Cave Country centered around High Springs, Florida.

Next Trip: April 13, 2015 РApril 18, 2015

Only $399!

The trip price includes:

Lodging for 5 days and 4 nights at rental house in High Springs, Florida and
3 meals a day cooked by Evelyn herself!

The trip price does not include:

The travel cost to and from High Springs.There are several ways to travel to Cave Country, sometimes Evelyn drives down from West Chester in her Dive Conversion van, or other Divers may Car pool together; you can also fly into Jacksonville, FL and rent a car.

Entrance or Park fees for the caves. Ginnie Springs is privately owned and charges an entrance fee to access Ginnie Springs and the Devils Eye Cave System. Other locations may be in Florida State Parks that charge a park fee to access cave entrances

Cave Diving Instruction. If you are looking to do some Cavern Diving training or continue your Cave Diving training, we can find an instructor for you.

Air and Nitrox fills. are available in a variety of different locations; we recommend Amigos Dive Center for their Self Serve Fill Station