July Camp @ Malvern Prep

Monday – Friday, Beginning June 29th 2015

Learn the skills necessary to become a certified SCUBA diver while enjoying the fun and companionship of others. Dudas’ Diving Duds is offering a SCUBA camp.  This course is offered for 10-80 year olds during the week of June 29, from 9AM until 4:30 PM Monday-Wednesday (bring your own lunch).  The certification dives will be on Thursday and Friday at a Dutch Springs near Allentown, PA.

If the child is 10-14 years of age and they successfully complete the certification dives on Thursday and Friday, as well as all of the course requirements, they will receive a junior rating with a nationally recognized certification agency. This proves they are trained to a level to participate in SCUBA diving but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  When the child turns 15 they will automatically be eligible for a full certification.

Any child 15-18 years of age who completes the certification dives will receive the adult SCUBA certification from a nationally recognized training agency.

Parents are responsible for transportation to and from Malvern Prep each day. Parents are also responsible for transportation to Dutch Springs for the certification dives.  Entrance fees for Dutch Springs are additional and paid to the establishment each day. ($32/day with a signed waiver.)

All necessary SCUBA equipment will be supplied during the course. However, it is required that each child have their own mask, fins, snorkel and weight belt with weights. This is personal gear and fit is very important.  A textbook package (textbook, logbook, student record folder, workbook, video, and audio tape and dive tables) will also need to be purchased at the dive center prior to the camp session. The cost for these items depends on the chosen gear but ranges from approx. $275-$500. Please wear a a bathing suit, and bring a towel and dry clothes.

Scuba Camp Costs $594, $50 Deposit Holds Your Spot