Wreck Diver Classes

As you drop down the stark white descent line, your heart is pounding with excitement and anticipation of the dive. You are well trained, well equipped and you’ve done your homework. There below lies a mysterious and fascinating world; a place where time has been frozen and a myriad of marine life has begun to invade. This is of course, the lure of exploring sunken shipwrecks. You are a Jersey Wreck Diver! A member of an elite group of divers respected (and sometimes feared) the world over.

Dudas’ Diving Duds has been synonymous with wreck diving ever since John Dudas and Evelyn Bartram (later Evelyn B. Dudas) dove the wreck of the Andrea Doria, recovering the famous ship’s compass and binnacle cover, in 1967! Dudas’ Diving Duds, with our rich and unparalleled history of shipwreck diving, will present a Wreck Diver Specialty Program. This will be an intensive endeavor that will provide a hands-on learning environment to prepare you to safely enjoy the lure of shipwreck diving!

Topics covered in The Wreck Diver Class:

  • Equipment configuration
  • Dive Planning
  • Air Consumption Calculations
  • Navigating a shipwreck
  • Use of reels, up lines, and jonlines
  • Local Resources and relevant history
  • Artifact Restoration
  • Search & Recovery

Class Tuition- $300

And it includes:

  • Instruction from a Certified and Insured Instructor
  • Instructor Guidance @ Dutch Springs for one day
  • Instructor Guidance aboard a New Jersey dive boat
  • Registration w/NAUI
  • Lecture and handout materials

Not Included:

  • Entrance Fees to Dutch Springs
  • Boat Charter Fees
  • Each student needs to provide their own equipment. Equipment is available to rent but at this stage in a divers career, you should consider owning you own equipment.
  • Advanced Wreck Diving Book by Gary Gentile

Prerequisites for Wreck Diver:

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Minimum certification of Advanced Diver
  • Proof of 25 logged dives.

Call now to enroll 610.436.0176 or mail@dudasdiving.com