Drysuit Services (In house Repairs)

Change Latex Neck Seal $60 $48
Change Latex Wrist Seals $30/each $48-$54
Change Neoprene Neck Seal $60 included
Change from Latex to Neoprene Neck Seal $100 included
Change Neoprene Neck Seal- Attached Hood Suit $100 included
Change Neoprene Wrist Seals $60 included
Zipper Replacement $180 $116
Zipper Panel Replacement $240 $116
Install Pocket $25 Varies
Install DUI Turbo Soles $100 $230
Install Neoprene Soft Socks (For DUI Rock Boots) $100 $220
Install DUI Neck Warmer $30 $60
Install Neoprene Kneepads $60 Varies
Leak Test $20/test
Hourly Labor Fee $40/hour

Drysuit Services (DUI Factory Repairs)

Install Zip Neck Seal $218
Install Zip Wrist Seals $218
Install Zip Wrist and Neck Seals $358
Boot Replacement (Remove & Replace Turbo Soles) $275
Soft Boot Replacement (Remove & Replace, for Rock Boots) $200
Zipper Replacement $305
Leak Test $60